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Thread: Its Prime now !

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    Are you currently in education/a job?

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    [quote name="Sbfc"]Are you currently in education/a job?[/quote]

    I am in my final year of college , will complete it in 3-4 months . After that I will be joining an IT firm in which I got placed in the Campus Recruitment Program in my college . :yes:

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    That sounds awesome Good luck

    Whats your life long dream?

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    [quote name="Keitho"]That sounds awesome Good luck

    Whats your life long dream?[/quote]

    Thanks dude !

    To be an Air Force Pilot . I have always dreamt of it . I will give it my best and try my luck ! :yes:

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    Have you done any training for that job?

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    Re: Its Prime now !

    [quote name="Sbfc"]Have you done any training for that job?[/quote]

    Regarding the educational portion , I have been preparing for it for the past 6 months . And regarding the physical portion , I have been training for almost 8 months now and will have a mock exam in the following month . :sleep:

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    Have you ever danced in the rain?

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    Not really . But might have at a younger age , don't remember though

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    Why do you like the Name Prime? Consider yourself a hero?

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    A member of the parcel team? Have you ever done packages/jobs like that on other forums?

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