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Thread: Joel's here!

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    Joel's here!

    Hello1 Found you on my forum! :biggrin: Anyway, this is a cool forum, thought i could sign up and advertise a little. Anyway, please welcome me!

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    Re: Joel's here!

    you bet! I already favourited this! I'll be here almost daily!

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    Re: Joel's here!

    Welcome noob!

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    Re: Joel's here!

    hey! I hope you did'nt mean that!

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    Re: Joel's here!

    Hehe, whatever, and I finally found out your icon site thankfully.

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    Re: Joel's here!

    Hey Joel! Thanks for signing up! Welcome to Topsite101

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    Re: Joel's here!

    Hello Joel,

    Welcome to Topsite101, I hope you have a pleasant time here. I'm sure you will enjoy the site anyway.

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    Re: Joel's here!

    thanks all.

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