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Thread: Long Time Lurker finally Joins

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    Thumbs up Long Time Lurker finally Joins

    Hi Fellow NBL,

    I am Mobile-Monster from DP, and I am glad that I finally did something I should have long back

    This community looks quite friendly .. I hope it remains the same in coming days..years
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    Jan 2009
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay.

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    May 2009

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    welcome to NetBuilders it's the best out there! enjoy

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    Welcome man! Enjoy your stay here at NB

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Thanks guys .. Hope to spend some more time here on regular basis .

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    Hi HUBSEO,

    I'm a member of DP as well but I'm suspended for not closing my old ads. I just joined myself so hopefully we will have something meaningful to contribute.

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    Yes this place is getting popular day by day . Hope to do some business as well as contribute a bit if not much.
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    Welcome to NB

    Enjoy your stay with us...
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