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Thread: My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

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    My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

    Hello everyone, my name is Keith and I'm part of the "Community Team" here are Admin Community. If you need any assistance with anything related to this site just send me a message our any of the other Community Team Staff. Well I'm going to tell you a few things about me so we can start to get to know each other.

    Name : Keitho

    Age : 15 (Don't let my age put you off)

    Way of Contact :

    Website : *Coming Soon*

    Staff Position : Community Team

    Professions : Graphics Design, Web Design & Coding.

    About Me: I'm currently studying Web Graphics/Coding as well as some Flash... Current coding languages I know are HTML & CSS. I am available to help you anything starting from Graphics Design such as logo's , avatars , banners or web templates for gaming , community sites , or blogs not just for my benefit but also for Admin Community. If you wish to see any of my work I will soon be creating a portfolio with how to contact me, about me and my showing off my creations.

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    Re: My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

    Nice introduction and welcome to the forum and staff

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    Re: My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

    Hey Keitho. Glad you are apart of the Community Team

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    Re: My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

    Yes I sure am.. Hopefully when i get to know you more i'll be glad your the Community Team Leader I suppose

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    Re: My Introduction : I'm Keitho.

    Hey Keitho, good luck with your staff position.

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