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Thread: Open for Interrogation,

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    Open for Interrogation,

    Go ahead, Feel free to Ask me anything

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    Do you run a forum at the moment?

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    What's your favourite iPhone app :P

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    [quote name="22_22"]Do you run a forum at the moment?[/quote]

    I'm an administrator at Forum promotion, and Me and a few other staff members from FP are working on a new project called Forum Buff.

    My favourite app is probably photoshop or photobucket.

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    Favourite and least favourite thing about administrating FP?

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    My favourite thing about administrating FP is probably seeing people leave good feedback, the worst thing is probably cleaning up all the spam.

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    Mhm, getting complaints is always a pain in the arse.

    Favourite Top Gear presenter?

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    Jeremy Clarkson, The man loves a bit of controversy :P

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,


    Thoughts on Mock the Week without Frankie?

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    Re: Open for Interrogation,

    I still love it, I've never been a fan of Mourning the departure of someone from a TV show, as the saying goes "The show must go on".

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