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Thread: Where did you hear about WMP?

  1. Smile Where did you hear about WMP?


    Where did you hear about WMP?

    It always helps to know

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    For some reason this weird guy on MSN started talking to me about it, so I guess I was just checking it out...

    (j/k )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post

    Where did you hear about WMP?

    It always helps to know

    From you. O.o Haha

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    Don't remember..yesterday I found about this site...bookmarked it so I can take a look later..and today I joined.
    Its strange I cant remember from which site I came here. Not from DP for sure.

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    Landed here from a blog post.

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    I think I found it by doing a Google search, I bookmarked it but can't remember what I was searching for....sorry not very helpful.
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    From you through twitter when you newly launched it

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    Through another webmaster forum named NetBuilders


  9. I am pretty sure I heard about it from Digital Point Forum. That is usually where I hear about different forums anyways.

    Where have you done advertising?

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    In fact, I heard it from Swastik (the former co-admin of the forum) before Farrhad told me to join (via email). But I joined quite late due to excessive offline commitments. I am here now and planning to take the domaining section by storm.

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