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Thread: Google Wonder Wheel for Long Tail Keyword Research

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    Google Wonder Wheel for Long Tail Keyword Research

    Hey Guys,

    Have you found Google Wonder Wheel as one of the best long tail keyword research tools?

    Search queries on all the major search engines are starting to get longer and longer. If you are struggling to find long tail keywords for your niche, You may want to use Wonder Wheel as your initial keyword research tool.

    I personally have found it very useful to find variations of my targeted keywords which I can target on my blog to rank high on search engines.

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    It's been useful to get a basic set of keywords around a theme but then I use my regular keyword tools to take it from there.Wonder Wheel is a good keyword suggestion tool. It can give more good results compared to adwords.I use the Google Wonder Wheel as a last resort after I have exhausted my brain power in thinking about my keyword options.Pretty useful in giving me the keywords that I have missed.

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    Hi friends!

    Keyword quest and optimization are the most essential and vital processes in SEO.

    Here are top 05 benefits of long-tail keywords ( LTK):

    01. LTK are fewer competitive
    02. LTK also are concessionary than generic keywords
    03. Long tail keywords have a worse cost per gain
    04. Long tail keywords assist you to catch a higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
    05. The convert rate of long tail keywords is higher than generic keywords

  5. As far as I know, the Google Wonderwheel has been removed, so it's no longer accessible.
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    It just says "The search option you have selected is currently unavailable."

    Maybe they might bring it back? You never know what they are going to do.

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    According to me google analytic is a best tool for keyword research.

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    Google Wonder Wheel was giving related searches.
    Replacement, to some point, for The Wheel can be found in tools for finding related words.

    I suppose most of this tools are using WordNet as a base app.
    One of them I like is Visuwords.

    This is one article about Google and semantically related words.

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    I do prefer to have a long tail keyword than the normal and traditional way on having and choosing your keyword. The benefit of long tail give much effectiveness for your site ranking.

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