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Thread: 20-25% of Google queries have never been searched before

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    20-25% of Google queries have never been searched before

    I find this pretty amazing!

    Most SEO Strategies Are Not Focused on Hitting Home Runs : SEO

    Which proves my theory of how important long tail keywords are and how important it is to have large sites instead of small niche things.

    How do you feel about this?

  2. A post starting with "Seth Godin explained.." is a big turn off for me after reading his latest book (it was painful).

    I agree with you completely on the large sites benefits, but there is a HUGE difference in the long tail vs main keywords.

    Top queries is what converts well if you sell stuff. People who want to buy something use short queries. People who are looking for information use long queries. Thus long queries fit better for our adsense model.

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    Wow, that's a nice and informative article! Thanks!
    |Nico Lawsons

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