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Thread: Actual and Broad Keyword Search Types.

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    Actual and Broad Keyword Search Types.

    Pheww...!! I wasn't aware that 'exact' keyword search in Google Adwords Keyword tool existed.
    I always relied on the 'broad' type.
    Did you'll know about this before, if yes. Which one do you'll rely on for keyword research??

  2. I use other keyword options also but I don't think that they provide you some big difference lol . Just few keywords get changed and most of the time you get 90% same results .

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I use phrase and exact both..its more about judging..if a search volume for a KW phrase has 1000 monthly traffic using "phrase" match type, then I check its "exact" match type to see if its above 700... I never use broad for search volume..i use it to find additional keywords..

    To those who didn't know, this is the difference between phrase and exact match type:

    suppose you are targeting the KW 'Korg synthesizer'

    Then broad match will show the search volume for all keywords that have 'korg' and 'synthesizer' in it...

    The phrase match type will show volume for all kw that have 'korg synthesizer' as well as few more terms associated may be 'korg synthesizer review', 'korg oasys synthesizer', 'korg synthesizer ratings, 'korg synthesizer sucks ' etc

    the exact match type wil show volume for 'korg synthesizer' ONLY.

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    I new about both of them. I usually tend to use the exact search

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