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    Anchor Text

    In your own opinion will it make a difference whether the anchor text for a keyword has a capital letter at the beginning of each word or lower case?

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    I think it does not matter where anchor text for you keyword has a capital letter or small. But I am not 100% sure about this. May be putting a capital letter adds more value to your word since your aim is to highlight your keywords.

    I am waiting for others reply.
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    I did read that capitalization makes a difference but then i researched on many keywords...there was no difference..i might be wrong but on prima facie i feel there is no difference

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    I think there would be no difference at all.

  5. Why would it not make a difference? Doesnt it make sense that it would?
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    I do know for a fact that stop words, even though they are said to be irrelevant CAN make a difference to the I would only guess that maybe if 2 results were identical, the one with the 'correct' capitisation will get the edge?

    for example

    Australia works might rank higher than australia works, if the person was searching for "Australia works" with a capital A, I'm only guessing here

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