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Thread: Best Keyword Tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueschooled View Post
    Hmm! How much is Market Samurai? Is it free?
    Bumping my question. Could anyone care to tell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trueschooled View Post
    Bumping my question. Could anyone care to tell?
    It is not free. it worth 97bucks. but you can have a free trial. check it out it is a good tool
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    I use Market Samurai, Google adword tool and Micro Niche finder, triple check the results against each other and make my decision.

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    I would not recommend using any paid tools...the best ones are the free.. Google Kw tool shows you the search volume...and you can use any plugin like 'SEO for Firefox' or 'SEO Quake' to determine the strength of top competitors.. I use Traffic Travis as well, and its free..

    Using paid tools which gives you a 'green' or 'red' signal is something I won't recommend at all..never rely on a software like MNF or Market Samurai..they are not always right..

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    Spyfu is something that i would recommend. Basically it can be used to give you a rough idea of the average cpc and performance of a keyword. Yeah, it's web based and Free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F-GD View Post
    There are a lot of keyword tools but which one do you think is best and do you think it helps you with your SEO?

    I use a combination of Overture, Wordtracker, Google and Espotting suggestion tools.

    In my own experiences, Google Adwords keyword tool would be the best for Free while keyword elite would be excellent for paid tool(especially like the "KEI" feature from this tool). These 2 are both my favorites.

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  7. I use a combination of wordtracker and google tool.

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    The combination of google keyword tools and seocockpit do a great job for me.

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    I would suggest two keyword mining tools.

    1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    2. Market Samurai

    You can use spyfu to get some insights about your competitors. SEObook's Keyword tool is also a good option.

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    As per me google adwords is the best tool to find different combinations of the keywords and also to get the best keyword as per the own field. And one can know how much that keyword be found more or less.
    And manual research is also the best to know about the best keywords as keyword is the word that enter by people for their search. And one can make observation for such kind of keywords that found more time by people in own field and can use those keywords to get best results, Though this process will take more time to show the results but those will generate far better results.

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