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Thread: Best Keyword Tool?

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    Best Keyword Tool?

    There are a lot of keyword tools but which one do you think is best and do you think it helps you with your SEO?

    I use a combination of Overture, Wordtracker, Google and Espotting suggestion tools.

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    I use Keyword Elite and Wordtracker and Google Keyword Tools. But I find Google tools the best.

    I would suggest you to use Google Keyword Tools as it is based on Google Data which is important.

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    I like Google Keyword tool the most. It is the only one I use.

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    I tend to use the Seobook tools keyword tool. I only use it to check that the words in the titles of my blog posts are reasonably well-searched for. I used it today to check 'experiment' and 'humor' as part of a post title, although I vaguely remember that they were popular search terms.
    The problem is, fitting some of these search terms into a post title in a way that sounds natural, ie. 'humor experiment' doesn't sound very natural.
    Any thoughts on this, anyone?

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    Yeah, google keyword tools is the best, I think

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    SEObook keyword tool is a handy one. I don't rely on Google Adwords kw tool as it's results are not very accurate specially when it comes to low volumes.

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    Yeah the Google Keyword Tool is good for targeting high paying adsense keywords, and searches on the overall google adwords network and such. But for true actual searches that people are searching with at the engines it is not so good. Regular keyword tools like wordtracker and keyword buzz (in sig) would be more accurate for getting the real numbers. I usually use them all incombination because it's good to compare data from various sources.

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    I am using a site name called freekeywordstracker to research for my niches. .

    It's quite useful only. .

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    I did not use google keyword tool. I have used iwebtools. Anyway, i will try to google keyword tool in future.

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