Hey, I have a question. I purchased a site a few months ago, and finally got around to a redesign and now I'm looking at SEO. It's in the same niche as some huge sites...image hosting...imageshack, tinypic, photobucker, badongo...I've done a little keyword research, and everything I'm looking at currently has huge players on the top.

My question is, do I have a chance? None of them are really directly competing for the low keywords I'm looking at. They're just up in the top because they are PR6+. If I agressively target a keyword they're not specifically targeting, but they're #1 for, could I wiggle my way to the top?

I'm by no means a pro...I've been doing SEO seriously for about a month now, after about 7 months of building websites (without seo) and it's been going pretty well.

Anyways, I'd appreciate thoughts on this.