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  1. Dogpile Search Spy

    The Dogpile Search Spy is kind of creepy, in a sort of addictive voyeuristic way.

    The tool is a near real-time feed of some of the searched on Dogpile, presented as a slowly scrolling list.

    If you're needing some creative ideas force-fed into your brain, this could be the tool for you!
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    I've had a look at it before just out of interest, people search for some very strange and creepy things also

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    Haha, it's fun to see how many people are searching for adult stuff when you allow it to be shown That just shows how popular your adult site can be if you SEO it the right way

    Thanks Will for the tool!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    oh well ! it was fun whilst it lasted ......

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    One night I am going to call all the phone numbers that are searched for with Skype. Wonder who all those businesses/people are these people are searching for.

    Who uses DogPile anyway? :P

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