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Thread: Finding good keywords for your website

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    Finding good keywords for your website

    Hello everyone.
    I would like to share an article with NB members. Hope this article will help you guys.

    Finding good keywords for your website

    Search engine optimization is a widely used technique to boost the traffic to a website. The search engine optimization actually is a technique that helps you to get your website better ranked in the search results when a relevant search is made. You need to research the keywords and then put the relevant content on your website to get better indexed in the search engines. This method helps you to achieve better traffic and makes your website appear more and more in the search results. Remember that only searching the right content is not the key, but you need to have good content that uses those keywords. A research will be useless if the content is not good.

    The websites like Google rank you higher if you have keyword rich content on your website and if the keywords are popular, then you will have more chances to get popular. It is not easy to research good keywords. You can find many tools on the internet that can help you to find keywords that are relevant to your prime keyword. But the question is how to find the prime keywords? You need to remain updated and you need to follow the web trends and especially the search trends to know what is in and what is out. Remember that there is no alternative to this and you should keep yourself updated regularly.

    You can also find various keyword popularity tools on the internet as well. These tools are software and systems that help you to track the latest popular keywords. The software reads the latest search trends and gives you the result. One such software is good keywords. It can be used for free.

    By using the popular keywords you can easily put your website in the top ten search results. If you are in the top ten then there is more chance that you will get instant boost in traffic. This is because people do not have time to go through all the search results and normally they pick the result from the very first page.

    Google Adwords keyword suggestion is also a great option to look for the keywords. This tool is also free and it is extremely easy to use. It tells you about the famous keywords that are being used by the other keywords. All you need to do is to enter the keyword that you are looking to target and the service will give you the related keywords. You can then use those keywords to optimize your website for the search engines.

    Wordtracker is another such tool which is also free and easy to use. This tool is extremely helpful but it has a drawback. It will only track the keywords that are being used by the MSN search engine.

  2. You may find new keywords that you may have not considered when it comes to targeting your site. Evaluate your log files and see who refers to you the most. And by the use of newly exposed keywords you can produce additional content that targets the surprisingly improved traffic.

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    Market samurai is also good as well

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