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Thread: first page, but no traffic?

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    first page, but no traffic?

    hi guys, for months passed and at last I made my site ranking at 1st page of GOOGLE, but just few 10 ip every day only, as our site is a company site, products are caps, could anyone show me which keywords I should choose for those business sites? what's the extend keyword for caps? is there any tool to found the popularity of the keywords? thanks.

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    Yes. I too.

    1st page But no traffic.

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    When this happens you need to take an objective look at your site. Is it is usable? Is it appealing to buyers? If your sole focus is on keywords and SEO, sure you can make it to page 1 but you'll have no conversion rate.

  4. Google's Own Keyword tool is very useful for such things.. just check how much your keyword is used.. this will give you a better idea of choosing good keywords for your site.
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    If you are on top that key words which are not search by people in Google. May that is the issue. If you want to get traffic to your site than please choose those key words which are mostly search by people.

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    I expect every thing is all right. May be you are at google's first page, but your visitors are not able to understand about the quality of the products and services you are providing to them fully. I suggest add one more page to your website and post articles describing about the merits and demerits of similar products. This may work out I hope. All the best.

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    If you can provide the URL of your site here, we can take a look at the content and suggest some keywords you may use.

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