After reading this part of the guide, you will be able to create a list of possible search terms your audience uses and to calculate the number of actual searches for each term


Building a Keyword List

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Step 1: Brainstorming
  • What do you offer? Is it services, products of just pure information? Use generic terms.
  • Is the a keyword in your site's name?
  • What is your location? You can optimize your site depending on where you are situated geographically.
  • Put yourself in the searcher's place. Be realistic, what would terms would they use?
  • Use variations.

Step 2: Are you missing something? Find other Keywords.
  • Ask someone else; working with other people often pays off.
  • Visit other sites, such as forums, news websites (and why not a joutnal or a magazine) to see what terminology they are using to describe your product or services.
  • Directly ask your users' opinion (try using a poll).

Step 3: Hey, there are tools too, you know.
There are several keyword research tools available online (either free or paid).
Here's a small list of the tools you can try. You can try them all, but usually, the one from Google is enough.


Part 6 is on the way.