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Thread: good position, but no traffic

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    good position, but no traffic

    I worked with my site for harf a year and now many of the keywords founded on the first page on Google, it seems will bring me lot of traffic, but actually just 5-9 IP every day, just don't know how to do next as all the keywords all good position in google, is there any tool for tracking the daily serach data on those search engine? Should I develop a new keyword and do it again? thanks for your help , all people.

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    no one can answer my questions?

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    It sounds like you rank for a keyword phrase no one is searching for. Add new keywords to your site that people actually are searching for.

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    I think you are optimizing wrong keywords.
    Mean its relevant to your site but dont have much traffic.
    So firstly research good keyword.
    For Exp: website design - this keyword searched more than 1000 per day by users

  5. You can use Google Adwords for selecting keywords that have high search volume...
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    Yes, You can use keyword research tool:
    wordtracker, google key word tool, seobook keyword tool for good search volume.

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