I was doin keyword reserch today and was bit surprised that Google KW tool and GTrends contradicted each other.

Google KW Tool[exact matches]:
Keyword1: local monthly search volume=0 Global volume= 22k
Keyword2: local monthly search volume= 35k Global volume = 40K

I put keyword1 as the base, ie, 1.0. In comparison the keyword2 was at 0.19. The trends for KW1 were more than KW2 by a huge diffenrence. I tested this trend with all time periods viz: 12months, year 2009 and 30 days..in each case Kw1 was searched more than KW2

But the KW tool contradicts it..and in both cases i had narrowed to location to US.

what shall i do?? shall I go for KW1?? the reason being that Kw1 has low competition..