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Thread: Google Trends ?

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    Google Trends ?

    Hi guys,

    Is there any tool work like Google trends? So I can compare the two results.
    I search over internet try to find out other tool work like Google trends. So I can use other tool to search the keyword and to monitor there strength by location wise.

    If any one could provide free tool like google trends i will be great full to him


  2. I haven't heard of anything like that.. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on google all the time and follow the trends manually. If you get to know of any such tool, pls post...
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    yes, there are other tools that wok similar. Google trends works the best.
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    Hey it's changes as per the updates you have to continuesly to work on for the SEO so only you can get the Good analysis of the Google trends.
    I dont think ther any tool is available for the Google Trend.

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    Aside from Google Trend, I also use Sktool

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    Sktool its good. There are many others too.

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