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Thread: Google Trends for Websites

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    Google Trends for Websites

    Google Trends for Websites is an excellent tool which allows you to track and view unique visitors to a website or multiple websites at the same time.

    You can also have the results ranked by individual website as well as viewing trend records by different variables like region or specific timeframe.

    Google Trends lists similar websites that are often searched as well as related high volume search terms that have been recently searched.

    This tool not only makes it easy to see your unique visitor trends, but it allows you to see if your SEO efforts are yielding positive results.

    Can be used as a research tool to compare similar sites and view visitor trends such as in the attached image below comparing technology vendors and showing spikes in traffic at similar time frames (Christmas shopping spike?).
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    This is an interesting tool but you need to be getting a lot of traffic to be able to compare your site with others. NB doesn't even come up

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    I saw other sites that didn't show either, but I think it is helpful for those that get a lot of traffic and for people that want to compare competitors. New websites will obviously take awhile to show too.

  4. The best use for Google Trends for Websites is to look in the lower right corner and view ten of the top traffic keywords for your competitors web site.
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    That is really an interesting tool. I have been using it since 2004 and its good to compare keywords.

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    This is something I found on the net:

    It's kinda funny IMO And it may be outdated, but if you recheck those keywords, you will see it's still the same results
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    That's disgusting, lol.

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