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Thread: How accurate is Google's keyword tool?

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatar4 View Post
    Why when checking "Exact match or Phrase" the number of monthly search volumes seem to be much lower? When checking the Exact Match the numbers are much lower.
    Yes, that is correct. A phrase match gives an estimate of now many times the keyword phrase has been used as part of a search phrase. The exact match estimates how many times that exact phrase was used in a search. A broad match estimates how many times any word in the phrase is used in a search.

    For example, if users are searching for 'Netbuilders webmaster forum' and you are using the tool to see how many times people are searching for the phrase 'webmasters forum', each user search would add one exact match count to 'Netbuilders webmaster forum', but no exact match count to 'webmaster forum'. However, a phrase match count would be added to 'webmaster forum' because it is a subset of the actual search phrase. The phrase match estimate does not tell you how many times people searched for 'Netbuilders webmaster forum'. The phrase match estimate only tells you how many times 'webmaster forum' was used as part of the search phrase for user searches.

    Broad match numbers are irrelevant because they can mean whatever Google wants them to mean.

    Broad match gives you the largest estimate. Phrase match gives a smaller number. Exact match typically yields the smallest number. For some search phrases that are commonly used, phrase match and exact match estimates can be the same.

    Here are Google's definitions for matching options.

    What are keyword matching options? - AdWords Help
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    If the targeted web page doesn't make it into at least a top 30 rank position, the amount of traffic you will get will likely be close to zero, even it there are a hundreds of thousands of searches per month for a keyword phrase.
    Even sites below the fold on page #1 may get little or no traffic depending on the keyword. Buyers in the purchase funnel stages may visit the top 30 depending on the cost/technology of the product. But, people doing casual or informational type searches rarely go beyond the top five.

  3. It will not give the details about the day visitors. Its gives the search volume based on monthly basis.

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    I use this tool seocockpit for keyword research it is much more accurate than google tool.
    It's pricey though but tells you exactly how much competition there is to rank on the first page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfiniteAI View Post
    I use this tool seocockpit for keyword research it is much more accurate than google tool.
    It's pricey though but tells you exactly how much competition there is to rank on the first page.
    Frankly I've never heard of this software and keyword analysis tool

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    Google's keyword is just a tool that estimates how many visitors are searching in one specific keywords for us to have idea on what keyword to use in our site.
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    Google doesn't provide accurate data, it is mere an estimation. But, definitely, Google tools help you to determine which keyword falls in your niche and which could be more beneficial to your online business. However, there are other tools that are as good as Google Keywords tools including wordtracker, seomoz keyword tool, market samurai etc.

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    As per me google adwords is the perfect and better tool to find best keywords in own field. But just the need with it that one need to select keywords carefully as per the own need from the suggested list by the google adwords tool and then only can get better results through those keywords.

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    It's a rough estimate only. Through keyword tool you can get some idea on the keywords list only.

  10. I think you'd better use Goolge webmaster tools, in which you can find the top searching of your site, number of click ( detail for each keywords)

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