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Thread: How accurate is Google's keyword tool?

  1. I think google keywords tools only serve to analyze the number of visitors and not determine actual the number of visitors. From the data they show, then you can choose some keywords that you want.

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    Google keyword tool just estimate the number of phrase or keyword searched in google. So, we cant say the accuracy of Google.

  3. Well I have used many keyword tools, and Google's tool may not be perfect, but it's shows great stats toward optimizing for the most popular search engine in the world. I've found that wasting time paying for third party keyword tools was a waste of time & money...for me (especially when many 3rd party keyword tools get their data from inferior search engines like dogpile & metacrawler - which is what I found out Wordtracker was doing so I stopped using them). So why not go straight to the source and get keyword data from the KING of search engines ~ Google! If you learn to use this free tool effectively, then it can be become one of (if not THE) the most valuable tools you can have in your Internet Marketing Mix.

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