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Thread: How do you do local keyword research?

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    How do you do local keyword research?

    I am trying to find local keyword searches for the area I live in using the adwords tool, but all the results just say not enough data or whatever.

    Is there a better way, or other free tool that works better?

    I am trying to see if I can promote an offline business online to local searchers.
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  2. Have you tried the free WordTracker demo?
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    Is there a better way, or other free tool that works better?
    Here's the one I use when I get not enough data from Google -
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    Just tested that last suggestion, Wordtracker, using the search term new york hotel. Got quite few results of course. How local is local? Can a major city like New York be considered local?

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    or whatever.
    as in: no data at all ?

    One thing I noticed that if you enter citynames in G's keyword tool, it will not always show all results for that cityname. However, if you enter 'suspected' keywords manually, google will often display statistics for those keywords too.

    Enter chicago will display many results but no statistics for cinema chicago
    However when entering cinema chicago manually will display statistics.

    So if you roughly know the kind of keywords you're looking after, then entering those manually might show results.

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