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Thread: How to Use NicheBot

  1. Smile How to Use NicheBot

    NicheBot used to be one of the best free SEO keyword tools available. This tool gives you access to 295 billion or more keywords from the three major databases. It drives around 15,000 results for every root keyword you enter.

    Keywords are not limited to the English language; Nichebot allows keywords from over 243 countries and is able to translate to around 23 languages.

    On top of that, you can view it all in an online interface which means no downloads. Also, NicheBot assists you on finding the appropriate keywords for you to focus more on marketing your niche.

    Here are some simple tips on how to utilize NicheBot:

    1. First, you should have a Project Folder to place your results in before starting with keyword researches. Do otherwise and it will be all messy for the main results will be directed to your main folder. So orderliness is the key here you would not want to spend precious time on just looking for those stray files.

    2. Next, you need to start with root primary key words like ‘house’ or ‘houses’. Input them into the Wordtracker Keywords tool which best justifies the theme of your website. Through this search, top keywords will be extracted from the root primary keyword you input. Save in the Project folder the results that are relevant to the topic of the project at hand.

    3. Maximize your NicheBot. NicheBot has two primary sources where it gets the results from. These would be the Wordtrack and Google. Other great tools that come with NicheBot are Count Collector which collect WordTracker search counts and Typo Locator X which gives you more traffic by utilizing the web browsers.

    4. Then have your results analyzed. Analysis tools that are come with NicheBot are Keyword Analysis X which uses the keyword that were inputted and visualize the top 10-50 sites listed in the search engines and NicheBOT Live Trends that checks the trends from Google.

    5. After keywords are analyzed, then it is time to start building your webpage content (articles) basing on those key words.

    As you can see from the features NicheBot is a pretty amazing tool. It is almost an all-in-one package. The only downside is that NicheBot is no longer free. Unlike the first version that used to be absolutely free and this latest version is now on a 30 day trial for a buck. All in all, NicheBot is still a pretty good deal.
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