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Thread: Keyword density - follow the rules?

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    Keyword density - follow the rules?

    You hear different things about keyword density, 3 or 4% is the usual ratio that's quoted. Does anyone actually calculate this? I have to admit that I don't, I just take a guess at it.

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    I do not think it makes any difference. In fact, keyword repetition in the the content does not seem to have any effect. There was a time when it did. That time is no more.

  3. In body text, the best rule is just to write naturally.
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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Never think about keyword density..just put relevant keywords in imp places such as h1 h2 tags, alt tags, url, and put them in the bold too..

    this will do the trick..and of course in the article

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    Just like Will said. Write naturally. The content is always first made for the (human) readers.

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    There is nothing to calculate. You need to make sure that your contents do not have more than 85% of keyword balancing. There are cases that your contents will be considered as spam if there are more than certain amount of keywords.

    To best explain this-

    Suppose that we have 500 words article to be written then it is recommended to consider one keyword in title, two times 1st keyword in body and 2 times 2nd keyword in body. You can use each keyword three times but dont exceed more than 3 times.

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