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    keyword plurals

    I'm confused. A lot of keywords can be pluralised, but when I use keyword research tools I find that they have different competitor and traffic numbers. So, if I want to target the keyword, do I need to target the exact keyword, or is it OK to target the plural in the hope of ranking for both?

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    My advice would be to target the exact keyword; go for the one with the higher traffic.

    I have several sites that rank extremely differently on plural and singular forms of the same keyword. I always rank better for the one I've been targeting and building links with the keyword as anchor text.

    Trying to rank for both the singular and plural just by targeting the plural hasn't work at all for me.

  3. Or, build two pages and target one page for each keyword.

    If you do it right, each page get an indented listing for the other pages keyword.
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