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    Well, keywords are pretty damn important for your websites. With proper selection, you can drive loads of traffic & traffic = money (assuming you know how to convert it...).

    Newbies to Internet Marketing get stuck at it. It's a bit boring and takes some time; not many reliable outsourcing options but it lays a SOLID base, solid foundation upon which you can build your business online.

    There are not a lot of guides, systems that could help. So, I just thought I'd make a short post on How I do my keyword research....


    It's pretty simple really. In normal cases people go for markets with competition, because that means there is money in that market. If there is no money, those who are paying per click won't be doing so.

    But, we're going to take a slightly different approach. We're tryin' to find long tail keywords with moderate search volume and little to no competition. Three criteria I use to choose my keywords:

    - Searches over 500 per month.
    - Competition for the keyword within quotes under 50,000
    - Not more than 50 incoming backlinks, and no authority sites on the first page; in other words the SoC should be less.

    SoC (Strength of competition) is a measure of the no. of backlinks, page rank of the site, authority of the site, page rank of incoming links etc. Can take some time to measure, but even if you have a million competing sites with neglegible SoC, you can knock 'em off, so it's important.

    There are some paid tools like Micro Niche Finder that can calculate SoC to an extent. MNF also calculates the OCI (Overall Commercial Intention).


    Pick your niche. For the sake of this post, I pick Forex. Brainstorm some main keywords, say "Forex", "trading" for our job.

    Now head over to Google Keywords tool.

    Enter your main keyword in the space provided, fill the CAPTCHA form, select All countries and territories and click "Get Keyword Ideas".

    Now, if my eyes are all correct, a good number of keywords with their statistics / search volume are shown. You may want to see avg. CPC and some other data, which is also available. Not that we need it.

    We're looking for... long tail keywords, with 500+ searches a month. The keywords which have very high searches usually have very high competition, so check out SoC to see if it's something worth going after. If not, move on, there are hundreds others.

    Now, once you select a keyword, head over to Google and search for the keyword under quotes***. For an example, I picked up "Forex Research", it's getting approx 2900 searches a month and put it inside Google within quotes and searched. The competing sites are around 28,600. Competition is less in quantity, but take a look at the sites there. SoC is high, so not worth going after.

    Similarly, you can look for keywords - once you've done it a few times, you'll get a feel, and thus the process becomes a whole lot faster 'n' easier. Just for the sake of example, I found the following ones with around 600 searches (SEOBook tool) and less competition.

    "forex charts linear regression" - Competition under 1,000.
    "forex option recommendations" - Competition under 1,000.

    That was just a 5 minute research. I can find 50-60 more of these. They are handy when you're promoting an affiliate product, building your list, article marketing etc.


    Build businesses, not quick money makers.

  2. Great post!! Rocking.
    As you said, Newbies at Internet Marketing are really really pathetic at it.
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrhad A View Post
    Great post!! Rocking.
    As you said, Newbies at Internet Marketing are really really pathetic at it.
    Yeah, but as you go... you get better.
    Build businesses, not quick money makers.

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    Excellent post. I never used the SEOBook toolkit before.
    But now I will!

    Goodkeywords used to be a great software for this purpose, but now it onlys redirects to the Google KT.

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    Does anyone use a good keyword tool that will do all of this for you automatically? Some of the free ones I don't think are too useful. I have one that I paid for a couple years ago that is still being updated, but sometimes I find it easier to do it "by hand".

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    Micro Niche Finder ftw.
    Build businesses, not quick money makers.

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    Excellent post, Swas. Thanks!

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