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Thread: Keyword research question!

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    Keyword research question!

    What useful tips and advices would you provide to make keyword research for a website effectively! What factors does SEO-expert have to take into account when performing keyword research for a website? What are your opinions about this!

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    Researching on keywords prior to your SEO is one of the most important tasks that you have to perform. There are several tools that can show keyword density, i.e., the number of times it is searched on various search engines. The content and the meta tags of your site should also be well matched up and the relevancy of both is imp.
    I think this should help you better

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    The keywords which you are choosing should have less competition, for that you can type it in Google Search and see how many results are there for that particular word. The word with least number of result should be chosen as your keywords. If the keyword can be included in the URL it is best.

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    I agree with your first statement. I use wordtracker to check for the keyword density. Long tail keywords are usually less competitive and therefore easier to rank for in a shorter period of time. Initially I suggest you focus on those first to generate more traffic to your site.

    As far as the second statement goes "If the keyword can be included in the URL it is best" is only true to some degree. I own several websites that look like this:

    URL contains exactly "my-keyword-phrase"
    Titel= my keyword phrase
    H1, H2, H3s = contain aspects of "my keyword phrase"
    Content = keyword density around 5-7%

    Nevertheless I am not found on the top 50 spots for "my keyword pharse" unless I work on quality links to increase PR, strategically work on inbound links, and finally get some quality links using specific anchortext.

    Finally it takes time, lots of work today, tomorrow and a year from now...

    Hope this helps.

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