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    Keyword Tool

    For years we've all wished we could see what the search terms are that people are searching for on Google and how many actual searches are made for each term every month.

    In it's updated External Keyword Tool Google is giving you all this information 100% FREE...

    You get to see exactly what search terms are entered into Google and the number of monthly searches.

    This has to be some of the most valuable information you can get (did I mention it's 100% signup required, no fee, no software required).

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    Very nice I always thought wordtracker told you how many people search?

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    Thanks bro, I love it!

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    Hahahahahha....the public has a right to know!

    Actually found that at another forum from an email I get about marketing forums and postings.

  5. PM me that site / forum perhaps advertsing there would be a good thing.
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    Doubt if I could ever find it again.
    Next week or so, when I get another email, will send you where you can get the email, etc.

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