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Thread: KeywordDiscovery Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

  1. KeywordDiscovery Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

    The KeywordDiscovery Free Search Term Suggestion Tool is a pretty quick and convenient way to generate a list of the top 100 keywords surrounding a specific word.

    As with any other keyword tool, the results must be taken with a grain of salt and a pound of common sense.

    A search for "recession" yielded some great ideas for blog posts and some results that I'm fairly certain are bogus.

    1. recession 3434
    2. young jeezy the recession 684
    3. the recession 635
    4. recession proof jobs 304 <-- GREAT BLOG POST
    5. economic recession 184
    6. what is a recession 178
    7. check out the 5 safest jobs in a recession 177 <-- LOOKS BOGUS
    8. the recession young jeezy 137
    9. global recession 130
    10. stocks to own in a recession 106 <-- GREAT BLOG POST
    11. recession images 101
    12. recession effect on usa 94
    13. young jeezy recession 92
    14. recession in india 89
    15. recession proof businesses 89 <-- GREAT BLOG POST

    Overall, I rate this tool as well worth the price.
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  2. Hmm thanks for sharng this tool Will . I will try to find some more terms for my niche content .

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    Thanks a lot Will! A quick search with this tool gave me a lot of stuff to blog about Amazing tool, and indeed, it's worth its price
    |Nico Lawsons

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