See what I did there with the title?! K for Keywords, C/K = Krit...yeah you get it!

Keywords, Keywords and Keywords!

I spend a lot of time coming up with keyword ideas to transform into high traffic money making gold mines. Its easy coming up with the usual suspects:

  • Credit Cards
  • Making Money
  • Finance
  • Mortgages
  • Fitness
  • Health

Blah, blah, blah you can sit around doing this all day (myself I have pages and pages of keyword ideas from brainstorming sessions). If I can do that then so can anyone else with half a brain.

So how can we come up with new cutting edge keywords? Keywords which have very little competiton which we can transform into first page Google search results with little effort?

At this point I'd like to refer anyone new to the whole concept of keyword development to this thread:

Tips for Keyword Research

Trying to compete in bloated major keyword sectors is effectively web master suicide. While you can have some success in these sectors its going to cost a lot of money along with time to claw back worth while results. It's generally recommended that people new to the web master game stay away from these keywords (advice I need to follow myself).

Lets Get Started!

First lets look at an example, take WarAnvil

The topic is World of Warcraft. I set this site up to reach out to the community behind the game. What does this have to do with keywords you say?


The very nature with MMORPG'S (massively multiplayer online role playing games) is they evolve, constantly. People searching for certain pages on in game topics will change what they are looking for frequently, as the game universe updates. An example of this is the keyword phrase below:

protection warrior glyphs

WarAnvil is rank one in Google for that search term. This phrase only recently came into being after the game introduced 'glyphs'. I could go on and post more specific examples - but that's pointless. WarAnvil has had minimal SEO (search engine optimization). The ranking and fairly high traffic comes organically (naturally) from search engines. So the main tactic being used currently to increase WarAnvils traffic is to ensure we keep up with the community reporting on new game related topics. This ensures we have a high chance of ranking high in Google for newer keywords and phrases.

This method of quickly identifying new keywords and phrases can be applied to almost anything. Take for example the names of current reality TV stars (heh, if you can call them that). You could easily start fan sites based on each star, and ultimately rank high for their unknown names which have all of a sudden been pushed into the public eye (so people will begin searching Google for them). As this keyword niche would be underpopulated it should be easier to increase traffic, as organic search traffic will find its way to the site. Over time other sites will begin linking back to you (given your high results page rank) which will further cement your high Google search page rank.

Lets summarize the process with a brainstorming diagram:

From the diagram you can see the two main sub categories, constantly evolving subjects and new trends. Leading on from each sub category you can create your own subjects. I challenge you to spend time with this template and see what you can come up with, you may be surprised at the results!

This is by no means definitive at all! However, it does give an insight into coming up with new keywords - thinking outside of the box. The ideas in this article can support your current keyword/niche selection methods. Alternatively this free thinking guide can act as a good introduction to the field. Using this method of creating keywords which you can then translate into active sites gives you a good chance of dominating your niche early on in its life. Which gives you a very good foundation to work from. However, you will need to keep up with the SEO to ensure you maintain the sites position.