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Thread: List of Keyword Research Tools

  1. List of Keyword Research Tools

    I had made this list of keyword research tools some time back (I had spent like 5+ hours in building the list and testing all the tools since many of them were not used by me before so I guess I deserve to drop the link)

    I think its a pretty good list which puts all the keyword research tools at one place. In case if you know some other keyword research tools, you can post it here. This thread can be a good source for keyword research tools.


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    Thanks a lot.. but I mostly only use the adwords tool

    |Nico Lawsons

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    That's a great list of tools you've compiled, quite a few there I haven't come across. Bookmarked, dugg, and stumbled.

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    Very nice list. I also use mostly the AdWords tool to generate my lists. For the most part it fills the need.

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