Alright honestly, I just got into making money online two weeks ago or so. The minute I started reading about it I was interested. I've been spending hours online daily just thinking, learning, and working on a few minor websites. Basically what I need help with is some tips on a high paying or just decent niche I can hit up.

I am making a few bucks a day after just a few weeks which is alright I guess, but I can do better. I am ready to research HEAVILY and put a LOT of time into any subject if it isn't already being abused by other advertisers. I mean don't tell me to do mesotholioma because we all know that is being used like crazy to make people money.

anyways I'm going to be doing keyword research for the next couple of hours but, if you know any keywords/niches that If researched, and written about could make me decent money (decent to me is $10-20 a day btw, im 17) than please help me out.

I don't mean to sound desperate haha, its just after hours of keyword research and looking for a niche to start up on, i've had little to no luck finding something I really think I can do well on. and being so new to the game of online money making, I really don't know which niches are "high paying niches".