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Thread: The Lowdown on Keyword Density

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    The Lowdown on Keyword Density

    Keyword is a term often used by various people however few people actually understand what keywords have to do with websites and search engines. It may seem apparent that search and engine would be keywords for Google but can we actually apply a definition to keyword in general that will help us understand it .

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    Keywords are a bit confusing to be defined. Take an example.

    Someone wants to find a job as a cab driver in london. He types in google(or any search engine) : 'cabbie jobs london'. Here 'cabbie jobs london' is a keyword, sites' whose content/title have matching keywords, having a good PR and who have backlinks anchoring this particluar keyword to their respective link, have a reasonably good chance of coming up the SERP for this query.

    Tbh, google considers 200+ attributes before assigning a site a position on the SERP for a particular keyword.

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