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Thread: My Niche Brainstorming Plan

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    Smile My Niche Brainstorming Plan

    Following my post about my niche marketing plan, I got a PM asking to go a little deeper in to HOW to find a sweet and profitable niche, so I decided to add some of the other resources I use when I research which niches to attack... I included again to make this thread a pretty complete guide on niche brainstorming.

    Please by all means help me add to the list.

    Health Niches

    Health niches always worked well for me, especially niches where people would be embarrassed or otherwise reluctant to go to the doctor for help. Also a lot of health niches seems to have a really high CPC attached to it, I never got in to the mesothelioma craze, but I understand the guys who did and lucky clicks in that niche have been reportedly been bringing in $10-$20 a pop, at that click price it does not take a lot of traffic to get $100 a day. A word of warning on mesothelioma keywords though, the high click rate is well known, so this market is HIGHLY competitive.


    WebMD - Better information. Better health.

    WebMD is an awesome place to scout out for health niches. When you load their page and look in the fist left hand column you see top 12 health topics for men, women and children. These are all good niches, you will of courwse have to break the keyword down to longtails using software like Micro Niche Finder, Google's Adwords External Keyword Engine or Wordtracker. Another good link on WebMD is in the top bar, the Health A-Z gives you a nice list of topics as well to attack. If these did not do it for you, then surf around the site and you are bound to find something.

    Shopping Niches


    eBay Pulse: trends, hot picks, cool stuff and popular searches on

    Ebay Pulse is a list of the most popular items on Ebay, I probably would not go for any of the items on the front page here, but luckily for us this list can be broken down into categories making it easy to find something small enough that it would be worth targeting as a micro niche. - What's Shakin is another cool place to scout out for niches, I usually browse down to sports, toys, jewelry, home and outdoor kind of sections. A good thing about is that they have an affiliate program, so if you want you can link your micro niche sites up with and earn money from affiliate sales.
    If you do wanna pull fast short term profits, you could have a look at’s pre-order is one of my favorites, they have a list of all searched items in their database of over 25 million products from 5,000 stores. This is by far the biggest database of search terms around and I have found goldmine after goldmine in this gem of a site. The thing that makes this database so easy is that there is absolutely no thinking when you run keywords through your keyword research tool. You just keep grabbing random keywords from the list until you find the perfect niche. A list like this is very hard to beat and I am sure you will find many cool niches in this database as well.


    Shops, Online Shopping, Online Stores - PayPal

    Paypal is a great place to find very popular niches asa well. Each category in the shopping section here can be ordered by volume, and you can see each seller’s reputation as well. These two factors are important in finding good niches; you then know that a lot of people buy the product from that niche. This shop directory has links to each of the sellers so you can check out the seller’s website and see if they have an affiliate program you can join for more profits.

    Other shopping / Comparison sites

    Now you know what kind of sites to look for when you are brainstorming shopping niches, there are too many to go through here and these 4 sites are more than enough to build a nice network of shopping related niches.

    Travel / Destination / Location Niches Travel: Books

    Amazon’s travel book section is a great place to find good destinations for travel sites if traveling is your niche of choice. Also Amazon has their own affiliate program so you could join that as well and promote the hard copy travel books, travel books never grow out of style so this could be a good niche for a long term passive income stream.
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    Thanks, Excellent post and very useful info.

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    Glad you guys liked it.

    I am currently working on my Site Promotion Plan - post...

    That one will be a bomb as well...

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    Excellent post and well compiled all the info together.
    WebMD one im doing from last 1 year, and works like charm for specific health niche sites. But yeah Amazon travel one is new for me, Thanks for great post.
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    thanxs for the guide. its always a pleasure to share these things.

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