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Thread: Need Advice ???

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    Need Advice ???

    I have a site im promoting site from the last 3 months for a particular keyword but my sites is not showing in goggle for a keyword that im using for a site ,,,,im also doing Bookmarking for a site ,forum discussion ,Articles,Press releases but i dont know why site is not showing in google .....plz help me and suggest me the best techniques for increasing the traffic for a Keyword.....

    Thanks in Advance......
    comming soon

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    Make sure your website content is good, do you have good backlinks? Keywords and meta tags are very important.

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    be patient it can take a lot longer than 3 months particularly if its a new site you have, if so It can take 6 months to just appear within the top 10 pages of a 100 searches per page. Once you do get a listing though then you swill start to move up the rankings quite quickly if you keep plugging away.

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    You should check the competition with this keywords, thare are keywords that are harder to promote - search for the keywords you promote in google and see how many results you get, than compare it with other keyword - with more words.

    For example - it will be harder to promote "Marketing Services" than "Cheap Marketing Services India"

    hope you got me.

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    Hey for getting good SERP in Google. You have to make passion for that.

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    First of all see which keyword you are targeting...what is the competition scenario? what offerings your site promise to give it to customers so that they start liking it.

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