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    Niche watch is an SEO tool which allows you to know which products are selling or not. It is a marketing strategy to get ahead of the competition or at least know who is ahead so you can make changes if necessary to insure the success of your product or services.

    Niches are actually the market field or category where your products or services belong. Say, you are selling eBooks on saltwater aquariums, then, your niche market would be. So in niche watch you would know what is selling and what is not. Hence, you could get the hint of whether to continue on making your niches or try to make a new one. Here are some instructions on how to come up with a good niche:

    1. Go to
    2. You need to register before using the service
    3. As soon as that is done, you can start your search. You will see a query box requiring you to enter the keyword that you want to analyze.
    4. Below it is a URL box where you will type the page that you want to analyze, but this is just an option though.
    5. Once you have completed putting in the keywords to be analyzed, you will be given the results. The number of results will depend on the type of service you avail from them.
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