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Thread: Please Review My Keywords !!

  1. Exclamation Please Review My Keywords !!


    Well this is a odd request i think, but what the heck

    Do you think the keywords for | The Premium Proxy Listing Service | Unblock Myspace | Proxy List | Facebook Proxy | Proxy Sites are good ?
    It is a proxy listing site with a forum.

    I'm not a seo pro so i'm not sure if that is too many keywords or are more the better ?

    Please could you advise ,or tell me if there is any that i should remove etc...


  2. Generally speaking, you want to fight for one keyphrase per page.

    That page appears to be competing for six keyphrases -- that's way too many.

    Sorry man.
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  3. hmmm ok, there are just so many keywords i will spread them over each page... and edit the content to match...


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