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Thread: Time Spent to Keyword Research!

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    Time Spent to Keyword Research!


    The main objective of good SEO is quality keyword research. Remember to have patience when researching and implementing ideas. Take the necessary time needed for each given task.

    Finding the right keywords may take a lot of time and patience. Use tools to help you find out which keywords are the best.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool or Google Insight and Google Suggestions are good examples of some of the tools you can use to find the right keywords for your niche.

    An idea to sort out keywords is to download them into an excel sheet. Remember that the keywords should match the content and products of your website. Sort the keywords by the number of daily searches, or monthly, or yearly.

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    Taken from:
    5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

    Unless you are the author, please do not copy and paste as if though you wrote it.
    Always give source and author.

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    You can use WordTracker and SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty tool for further analysis of the keywords extracted from Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ciol View Post
    You can use WordTracker and SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty tool for further analysis of the keywords extracted from Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
    Hey, thanks for adding those. I have only used Google AdWords Keyword tool and will try to keep these two keyword tools in mind if I have to do keyword research for another niche.

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    Hii! I would like to say, try to use Market samurai key word. Why? Because, It will gives you acceptable competition, high traffic key word, relevant key word etc..

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    good keyword research is the key for any business to survive online. time has to be given to keyword research as in the competition, no. of users searched for a particular keyword. for good results use google keyword tool.

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    Keyword mining is important task and ignoring some elements (like competitors research, market research) may hurt your online business. Give proper time on keyword research and use proper tools so that you may get the best keyword of your niche.

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    keyword research is time consuming. the more you spend time the better it gets. But the point is to reach the optimal point.

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    If one is doing manual keyword research to find the best keywords then it will take more time to be perfect in such kind of observation and also it will take more time to show the results but it will provide best results for your website.
    Or one can make use of google adwords tool to make the keyword research and it is also good to find the best as per your field.

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