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Thread: Tips for Keyword Research

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    It's all about keeping up with the trends.

    Mimic in your own way to achieve success
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

  2. ViperChill recently published The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research. Read it.
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    One of the neat things with predicting future trends based on previous year's ones (from one of his other posts), is that the rankings for the day or days they hit in Google Trends can be much, much higher that what the KeyWord tool states as the Global or Monthly exact average. Thanks for the post Will.

  4. Thanks a lot for useful information about keywords research. I will try one by one to get the best keywords that will be used in my content.

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    SEO starts with the keyword research. It is the first step. Your site won't get high PR rankings if proper keywords are not chosen. You have to think from customer's point of view. Think of yourself as a customer and how would you search it on google to get there where you want. There is a google keyword suggestion tool which is a great help. The search traffic and competition are the two important factors to keep in mind while choosing keywords for your webiste.

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