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Thread: The Value of Keyword Research

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  1. The Value of Keyword Research

    One of my sites received search engine traffic from 446,328 keywords in the last 30 days. That's a lot of keywords, but there is a more interesting story here...

    The top one-hundred of those keywords returned 26% of all AdSense revenue for that site.

    The majority of those 100 keywords are the result of keyword research. Without that research, the site would be making only three-quarters as much revenue.

    The top 500 keywords are responsible for 43% of all revenue. I'm not suggesting that you ignore the long tail completely, as it does generate a good amount of revenue - but I believe that you should consider that as additional revenue.

    If you want to dominate the SERPS, keyword research is a necessary step on your path to victory.
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    This is great to know!
    But I don't understand where to start.. it seems like a very big deal this keyword researching, that's why I currently stay away from it


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    i have only very recently started doing keyword research

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    I have been doing some keyword research for my Snuggie promotion. Thanks for the advice Will

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    I love kw research. And research in general. I just have to sit in front of my computer and do pretty much nothing. Thats why I like it so much.

    I have been planning a new website for two years now. I had a notebook full of kw research, and website ideas. Unfortunately, I lost the notebook. That pisses me off. Two years of work, went for...well, I would be happy to know where.

    But the good thing is. That I'm moving to different apartment at the end of this month. Maybe I'm lucky enough to find it.

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    Good thread on a subject that is relevant

    It is important to reap the benefits of using the correct keywords

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    This is an old post but that really is some interesting information and does show that Keyword research is important. If you don't use the right keywords then your target visitors will never find you!

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    Keywords plays a vital role in the success of your site in terms of search engine rankings. Well if you have direct traffic to your site, it really doesn't matter especially when you're a blogger. If you got many readers, you don't have to research for those keywords.

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