I'm badly stuck in keyword research.
I have a site about travel which has no ranking at present and has been online for about 6 months.
First of all, you have got 1000's of keyword options to consider and now how many keywords to opt per page when you are starting over from scratch. For instance you have pages about flight , hotel , car rental ,cruise , deals , vacation etc. How many keywords per page should you shortlist for effective traffic generation and conversion. I think 1 or 2 core keywords per page and 3-4 broad keywords phrase per page. What about the index page should you put all the core keywords in it? Please tell me would that be fine or not? How to place your keywords around?
Now my second query is -
Where to aim (of course not to high) in terms of numbers what no., if you are just starting? What search volume should you choose around. I'm using wordtracker free tool, yahoo tool, Google tool, everything.
Please someone solve my query and try to get me rid out of this bugging thing..