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Thread: 150 fresh DOFOLLOW blog comment links PR 5>4>3>2>1, review copy available

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    Arrow 150 fresh DOFOLLOW blog comment links PR 5>4>3>2>1, review copy available

    I am offering a list of DO-FOLLOW blogs

    This is not a list of sites, which have DO-FOLLOW links on some page!
    THIS IS A LIST WITH PAGES THAT ALLOW DOFOLLOW LINKS IN THEIR COMMENTS SECTIONS (either within comment text or as value for authors website)

    * The list contains 150 comment page links from 78 unique domains.
    * The page rank of the comment pages is as follows:

    PR5 - 5
    PR4 - 49
    PR3 - 50
    PR2 - 33
    PR1 - 13

    * 60% of the pages have less than 5 comments, 10% of the pages have less than 10 comments, 10% of the pages have between 10 and 20 comments, the remaining 20 % more than 20 comments
    * The URLs are not taken from any other list that circulates around different forums - this is a completely new list, collected by me during the last couple of weeks
    * All the PRs are valid and are from the last PR-update
    * Some of the sites may require to register in order to post a comment
    * Multiple niches are covered (health, sports, games, music, video, photo...see sample file for details)
    * The list will be provided in an Excel doc with the following structure:
    - Category (defines the niche of the page, based on the content of the page/site)
    - Home page PR
    - Comment page PR
    - Comment page URL
    - Number of comments on the page
    - Rank (Ratio "Comment page PR"/"Number of comments")
    The file is sorted by the value in Rank descending
    A sample file (without the values in "Comment page URL") could be downloaded as attachment

    * The sample file contains 10 demo links for FREE!!!
    * I will sell ONLY 15 copies of the list

    * 1 additional FREE copy will be offered to an experienced user (iTrader 10+)
    * 1 additional review copy @ half price for the first who request it (I will expect a review from him)
    * The list maybe offered and on other forums (the limitation of 15 copies is still valid ...)

    The price is 20$ per copy
    Payment via PayPal -

    Please, once again, note that the links in the list are not from my owned sites. This is just a list of links that I have collected during last couple of weeks!

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    I will take the first review copy!


    Pming you now

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    The FREE review copy provided to Scutter at WickedFire forum...see below
    50% discount review copy available, if interested (10$)

    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter View Post
    Argh. I wrote a really lengthy review only to have it wiped out because WF had logged me out before I hit the Post Quick Reply button. OK, here we go again....

    This is a "first look" review, because the value of any blog list lies in how well the comments stick to the blogs, particularly since many of the blogs on this list are moderated I'll try and follow up later with my findings on that front.

    Key takeaway: Great list. Totally worth it.


    The list is really well put together and thoughtfully presented. The blogs themselves are , as primoto states, relatively clean of existing comments and have a great PR spread. These are definitely diamonds in the rough. I was surprised to find so many high PR pages with no comments (well, one comment now, suckers!)

    The spreadsheet itself is well put-together with some solid value add, like the calculated priority rank, which takes into account the PR of the blog, the PR of the page, and the number of existing comments. Yeah, you could calculate this all yourself, but the quality presentation means that primoto has put some care and thought into this list.


    I'm divided on the moderated issue. A lot of the blogs are moderated, which normally is a very good thing for those of us who employ the strategy of leaving relevant comments in an effort to get them to stick for a long time. However, the combination of moderation + low or non-existant comments might indicate the blog isn't actively moderated. So you might be waiting a while (or forever) for your comments to get posted on some of these blogs. Like I said, only time will tell on this one.

    I would have liked to have seen more domain spread among the higher PR/low comment count blogs. The top of the list pulls several pages from a handful of unique domains. There are plenty of unique domains in the list, but most of them start appearing lower in the list, when the OBL count jumps up. But, considering the price, this is really not a major con.
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    This is a COMPLETE $ale offer...

    The remaining PACKAGES are available at 10$ (50% discount rate)...
    must be cleared till the end of the next week
    then the sale will be closed!

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    We don't know how reputable Scutter is. Do you have a link to his profile/review

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    ITrader = 8

    link to his profile @ WickedFire forum:
    WickedFire - Affiliate Marketing Forum - Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum

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