Ive made a list of 1xPR7, 3XPR6,19XPR5, 13xPR4, 20XPR3,4XPR2 Pages having their Comments as Dofollow.
These links are of Posts on High Authoritative Blogs and you can comment and get a Link.
I have total of 60 links

NONE of these links have been picked up from other Dofollow Lists available from the web, all have been Manually collected by me using my Method

Payment via paypal only, You can send payment to: hildapint@hotmail.com, after payment just PM me the id used to make the payment along with the email id to send the list of links

Im giving away 4 review copies for $2.5 for members with 10+ feedback score
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Im selling only 10 number of copies

P.S:1. I don't own these blogs, these blogs are of articles where you have to comment and get a link.
2.I will not be commenting, you can do it yourself or hire someone for it.
3.The niche of these links are all mixed.