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Thread: 57 Pages of Do-Follow Blogs, Forums, .edu and more!

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    57 Pages of Do-Follow Blogs, Forums, .edu and more!

    Hello! Today I have a special 'Welcome to 2010' gift for everyone.

    The gift is a 57 page e-book filled with literally thousands of useful do-follow URLs that will massively benefit your site and help improve your search engine rankings. The e-book is in .pdf format. Here are some example sections from the e-book:

    1. High Google Pagerank Do-Follow Blogs
    2. Press Release Distribution Sites
    3. .edu Do-Follow Blogs
    4. Do-Follow Forums - Various Niches

    This free gift is sponsored by my make money online blog. Enjoy your gift!

    Download Here!

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    Good work Kovich!

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    Thanks Kovich for sharing this..

  5. Wow man, thanks for this deluxe share

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