I am active on 7 forums. Some of them have very strong PR, and three of them are on serbo-croatian language.

I have 7500 posts on all of them. Niche IT / General.
On most forums I am reliable and trusted member. On some of them mod.
I am making maybe 30+ post daily on all of them together.

Curently I need 100$ urgently.

So PM me for how big time period you would want signature link for 100$.

I dont accept PORN WAREZ MEDICAL and non-ethical sites.

These links are highly valuable. For example they keep my google contest entry very high

They will get very fast indexed and you will see very big number of them in Yahoo Site explorer.

Sites that will perform well in my sigs are
SEO, Design, IT, Hardware, Tech, Travel, General, News, Marketing, Music...

if we make deal, then 3 more forums with around 100+ sigs will be included.