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Thread: Advertise with Mario Kart 3DS Forum! An aspiring, rising community!

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    Advertise with Mario Kart 3DS Forum! An aspiring, rising community!

    Hey guys,

    We are looking for aspiring websites who are looking to advertise with us! We believe Mario Kart 3DS Forum is a fast-riding website with a strong community for gamers of all walks of life. Why should you advertise your website or forum with us?

    - We are a PageRank 2 domain as of June 2011.
    - Large exposure Google, Facebook, etc. Webmaster Tools
    - Top 500,000 most popular websites in the world according to Alexa.
    - Nearly 2,000 visitors in the last month according to Google Analytics.
    - Optimal ad placement: Ads are placed where everyone will see it.
    - Discounts for bulk purchases! See below for details.

    Pricing (all in USD):
    $10.80 for 6 months (10% off, or $1.80/month)
    $20.40 for 12 months (15% off, or $1.70/month)

    If you're interested, please send el canadiano a PM. We will further setup an advertiser group for our members. Our prices are very low, so do not be surprised to see these ads expire quickly. As this is primarily for website advertising, we will also be introducing further advertising opportunities for clans and other opportunities. Why are we advertising? We believe this is in the best interest of our members as this will help us fund a stronger server, increase our cash winnings, and benefit the community in other ways. Thus, we believe that all website owners should consider Mario Kart 3DS Forum as their website of choice for advertising.

    Mario Kart 3DS Forum Staff.

    Please Note: Advertising at Mario Kart 3DS Forum is intended for those who wish to advertise their website and not intended for those who wish to manipulate search engine data or PageRank.
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    Statistics updated. Buy today!

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