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Thread: Anchor Text and URL in a Blog Post

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    Anchor Text and URL in a Blog Post

    You can have your anchor text and url in a blog post for only:

    Blog is indexed by google, all blog posts are in google.

    Link is permanent on the blog.

    The blog is:

    PM me now.

    Oh, no adult/pharma/gambling/casino accepted.

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    The blog is.... lol.. did you forget to add the link?

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    My god, I totally forgot about that. I knew about it in the back of my head, but it never got to me.

    Will PM you.


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    Just for net builders forum, and only for a limited time....

    $1.99 is still the price until it is raised.

    Instead of just anchor text and url in a blog post?

    You can now get up to 25 words description and the url!

    No, you write, not me!!!

    Now PM me to get this great deal!

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