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Thread: Any PR Links for my sites

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    Any PR Links for my sites

    Looking for some links to my websites
    Any PR will do
    Links can be from incontent or bloroll or sidebar
    No Resource Page links (irrespective of PR)
    No links from poker, gambling, viagra blah blah (anything G considers illegal)
    PM with the URL (where the link will be placed) and Price Per month/3 month/year

  2. Could be more specific what niche you want?

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    tell your niche
    and budget limit if any
    quality links..

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    I have more than 60+ for link and blogpost sale, but i need to know how much budget will you pay for bulk purchase?

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    Can you please tell us your niche?? I know you are ok with any niche but maybe few sellers are not so please include your niche

  7. Would you be interested with PR and PR2 health niche blogs, fashion blogs? Coz I can offer permanent blogpost if you like

  8. just sent you my offer to you
    kindly leave me a reply asap

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    Quote Originally Posted by dailyearner View Post
    just sent you my offer to you
    kindly leave me a reply asap

    I have sent you offer, please consider them.
    and of course i do not mind for any new offer

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    I sent you my best offer,please let me know if you want to buy.

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